Saint Francis by the Sea
Episcopal Church

           Welcome to 
Saint Francis by the Sea
Salter Path, North Carolina

The Reverend L. Everett Thomas, D.Min., Ph.D.

9:00 am - Adult Forum
10:00 am - Eucharist Service and Children's Sunday School

12:00 noon - Celtic Eucharist Service

We love visitors
Casual attire welcome
Nursery available

Wednesday Celtic Eucharist
We meet in "The Porch" (indoors) in a circle around a small table we use for an altar.  We are informal, and the liturgy is simple and short but very direct.   Come to be with friends, to let your heart and mind slow down so that you can see into your own soul, the deep peace of the running wave flowing in your veins, and the love of God in your warm hands.                                                                                                       Everett+

Click here to read more about our Celtic Eucharist.

2014 Summer Concert Series
Miss the concert on July 10? Or just want to hear some of the amazing music again?   Click here for podcasts of selections from the concert.  

 for the next concert scheduled for September 11.  Click here for more information.

Buy a brick and join the Saint Francis Circle!

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Save the dates!

August Artist of the Month - Susan Hamrick

Aug 24  Announcements and prayer lists
Aug 27  Prayer Shawl Plus

In Memory of Phyllis Watkins Thomas
October 28, 1941-January 31, 2014

Click here to listen portions of the memorial service for Phyllis Thomas, including the Opening Poem by Peter Makuck, the Eulogy by Phyllis Makuck, the Homily by the Rev. Mary Ogus, and several musical selections. Memorial donations may be made to Saint Francis by the Sea for the construction of a Franciscan votive candle stand sacred to Phyllis's memory.